Andy Birchwooddesigns productsfor humans
Andy Birchwooddesigns productsfor humans
Andy Birchwooddesigns productsfor humans

What I do

Hi! I'm Andy. I started out making conceptual art. I moved to design because I wanted to solve human problems. I've spent 20 years doing that for companies big and small.

In that time I've learned that design boils down to great decision making. Making decisions with intent. From the boldest companywide strategy, to the finest detail in the interface of a consumer product, decisions have to be made so that things can ship.

Solutions that are designed are better. They are better researched, tested, refined and executed. That's why businesses that value design thinking at all levels increase their revenues and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of their industry counterparts.

I believe it's the responsibility of designers to challenge copycat solutions and knee-jerk decision making. It's our job to dig deeper to uncover the true value of ideas, in new or existing products. We balance data with intuition and test ideas to reduce risk in product development. We advocate for principles so that companies operate with intent.

In my spare time, I like to play with trains, read Julia Donaldson books, watch Paw Patrol and go on a pushbike. Yep, I'm a dad.

I'm currently available for freelance contracts. Let's talk !

“I really appreciate his commitment to collaboration with engineers, a quality I’m confident enriches both the team and the product we’re building together.”—Jackie Balzer, Senior Engineering Manager, Spotahome

Case studies

Airline app

Product design・How we set a new course for the design of a companion app for an airline.

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Throwing out the kitchen sink

Design strategy・How I helped to quadruple email revenue for an airline by unpacking the campaign strategy.

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Fixing design in squads

Design ops・How we made design work in mixed discipline teams when we were short on headcount.

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Casa design system

UI design・How we got the design system moving at a proptech startup.

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"At a strategic level he makes a consistently significant contribution, and is an evangelist for the user, while also recognising the business view."—David Wicks, General Manager, Digital Experience, TUI


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